Tamlyn Translations

Code of Ethics

All of my translations and business practices follow the professional ethics outlined by the ATA which can be found here at the ATA's Code of Ethics website.

In addition to the code of ethics outlined by the ATA, I also follow a personal code of ethics as well as the Hieronymic Oath:

  1. When working with a translation agency or LSP, I will never seek to undermine that agency's or LSP's relationship with the end client. I will not attempt to communicate with the end client, without the express permission of both the agency or LSP and the end client and only when such communication is deemed necessary for the project at hand. All such communication will include a respresentative of the agency or LSP whenever possible.
  2. Payment amounts, dealines, payment timeframes and other details, such as formating or editing, will be established and agreed upon by both parties prior to the start of each project via email confirmation or formal contract. Both parties, the client contracting my services and myself, agree to abide by these terms until such time that either party deems necessary to renegotiate them.
  3. If a problem occurs, beyond my control that will affect my ability to either a) provide a top-quality translation or b) complete the project on time, I will contact my client as soon as possible and work with them to find a solution that works for them.


The Hieronymic Oath

  1. I swear to keep this oath to the best of my ability and judgment.
  2. I swear to be a loyal member of the translator profession, respecting its history. I am willing to share my expertise with colleagues and pass it on to trainee translators. I will not work for unreasonable fees. I will always translate to the best of my ability.
  3. I will use my expertise to maximize communication and minimize misunderstanding across language barriers.
  4. I swear that my translations will not represent their source texts in unfair ways.
  5. I will respect my readers by trying to make my translations as accessible as possible according to the conditions of each translation task.
  6. I undertake to respect the professional secrets of my clients and not to exploit clients' information for personal gain, I promise to respect deadlines and to follow clients' instructions.
  7. I will be honest about my own qualifications and limitations; I will not accept work that is outside of my competence.
  8. I will inform clients of unresolved problems and agree to arbitration in cases of dispute.
  9. I will do all I can to maintain and improve my competence, including all relevant linguistic, technical, and other knowledge and skills.